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Earth is flat, NASA LIES.

Everyone is Brainwashed zombies. its FLAT.

and if you don't understand the photo, you failed physics


LOL, so I guess you did well in physics. Science is now a RELIGION, time to wake up and stop believing dudes in white lab coats...

No institution in the world accepts the idea that the earth is flat.

If it's flat then why is the sun at different angles in the sky based on latitude? Why are some stars visible in some latitudes and not in others? Isn't it because of a round earth showing different parts of the sky at different angles?

Why can't you see for hundreds of miles from a mountain top? Why can't you see the Rocky Mountains from the Sears Tower? Why is visibility limited to about 35 miles?

Since the earth as a circumference of about 25,000 miles then there should be some flights that are 20,000 miles long and there aren't any.

Why is the flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo so short? It's 5500 miles yet every flat earth model has Asia and Japan on the far right with the western hemisphere on the left. How is that possible?


Why do you never address my points I bring up. I can answer all of your questions EASILY.

This is just silly.

Good men and women have to keep coming back to debunk this kind of rubbish over and over again. You are wasting everyone's time by perpetuating this idiocy.

Furthermore, you're the one who must have failed your geometry if you think a flat earth is plausible given all the collective observations over the centuries.


Why do we not see crepuscular rays coming from all clouds? Have you watched this vid yet? Please explain.

Look the sun is right above the treetops. I estimate its 30 to 50 meter above the ground.


Haaha, thats good point, I wonder if you could see the rays going through the other trees in the back ground at the same time, or if it is dependent on the viewers position. I like your estimate though, cracked me up! Looks more like 93 million miles to me! (not)


It cracked you up? You stupid humans .....why don't you believe a woodelf.

The sun trafels right above the treetops these trees are 30 to 50 meter high, if they are higher like in the forest of the sycamore elves the sun travels 80 till 100 meter above ground over the canopy.... in the evening it sink between the trees and sinks in the ground.
In this photo it's also 50 meter away and it is hanging in between two trees you humans have really bad eyes........ look at the shadows on the forest floor idiot humans.

Maybe someday we'll see videos of a rotating earth or pictures of the earth from space. That will settle it /sarc


NASA = LIARS, here ONLY the people GLITCH OUT, the background stays the SAME! Called layers...

Find the edge of the earth. Take pictures of it. Do that and I'll believe.

The light bulb shows the light rays going at angles away from its source where the sun shows all the rays at the same angle. It proves that the sun is very far away.


how about when you see the sun through the clouds like in the photos in the post! They are called crepuscular rays and according to YOUR OWN logic (i agree with) PROVE the SUN is CLOSE! haha

keep an open mind and watch the vid, its fun.