@blockbrothers think dlive are an absolute pair of cunts after tonight.

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We were shocked to read today that Dlive is leaving the Steem blockchain for the Lino blockchain.

After receiving so much support from this community but also from steem inc with a 2 million delegation they have decided to leave Steem on the same bloody day Hardfork 20 will be activated.

What a prick move and a stab in the back. And it's not even needed.

Every concern they have in there blogpost here will be addressed in the future (within 6 months) on the Steem blockchain.

There is no reason to leave.

HF20 will enable easy signups and SMT's will create a fairer reward model for content creators.

It's so easy to see.

But they didn't want to wait. We as @blockbrothers don't understand why.

We are upset about it.

@blockbrothers is 100% dedicated to Steem. We don't do anything on any other blockchain.

Our sole focus is here.

Alright that's all.

@Blockbrothers out.

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Thanks for the post @blockbrothers I think it is a stab in the back too. Hopefully apps like @dtube and @steepshot will announce their support for Steem.

I personally don't think it was in the interest of @dlive to part ways with Steem and I am wondering if it will cause their business to flop.

@dtube instead? Thanks for the info. Following you and upvoted !
We are in contact.

Sounds like an insult to a cunt, to be honest... ;-)
I wasn't impressed with dlive, either. It felt like a great way to get lots of non-original material on Steem - so let them go.
Someone else will likely take their place.