Troubles in paradise

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So yesterday I was enjoying a bit of well deserved rest after the guests that came to @mlvanderwaal's birthday party had left, when I got a notification via Steemify regarding a message of fellow-witness @rival. Our server had started to miss blocks, which means it had failed.

Quickly I flipped open the MacBook to see what was the cause of this. As I couldn't figure that out straight away, I disabled the witness account (to avoid missing any more blocks) and started working through the logs. The moment of failure was easily spotted, but the cause is still a mystery. My best guess at the moment is network issues, as memory/cpu/diskspace/etc. were all within limits.
I will submit an issue on the Steemit github just in case it could be related to a bug in the code.

I cleaned the data and restarted the steemd (node) software, to sync it back up to the blockchain. As the backup nodes seemed unaffected, I switched the witness signing key to our main backup and I could finally go to sleep after a very long day.


The witness tool SteemTurbine I'm developing would have prevented missing any blocks, but currently it is running in debug-mode on our test witness servers, so unfortunately it didn't spot the issue on our main server. I actually planned to put SteemTurbine into production this week, but ofcourse Murphy with his dreaded law came around just before that...

Until SteemTurbine is running in production, I will be checking on the server manually several times a day to catch any issues as soon as possible.

Special thanks to @rival for watching my back. Working together with this awesome community can and will make this platform thrive!

Me and my fellow blockbrothers are a witness as @blockbrothers. If you want to support us we would appreciate your vote here. Or you could choose to set us as your proxy.

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thx for mentioning me, if we all help each other this will be a great platform..

@bennierex Thank You for sharing with the Community about this event and I am glad that people like yourself are doing everything they can to make STEEMIT the Best in Social Media Sites for all...................

Good post