Flat Earth- Gov't Shills and Censorship feeding the ZOMBIES!

in christianity •  6 months ago


Between youtube censorship and paid government trolls putting out lies that "debunk" flat earth truth, it is not easy to wake up brain dead zombies! I personally was shadow banned on twitter, that a tiny little minnow like me was targeted is SCARY.. Twitter is a cesspool of paid trolls who try and take up the time of flat earth posters. Then there is youtube which is shutting down truthers channels at a crazy rate while at the same time promoting the content producers paid by the government to lie about flat earth to mold the sheeples opinion. Scary times.

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Billboard companies suck too.

Name one country, university, or scientific group that believes that the earth is flat. There was virtually no one who believed that until relatively recently.

All airplane flight paths and distances are consistent with a round earth. If the earth was flat there would be a 20,000 mile flight route between cities somewhere. But there isn't. The earth is round so it's quicker to fly over the north pole when flying between America and Europe.


Why don't you address the points I made? I will IGNORE you unless your comments relate directly to my post and my points. PEACE