rabilsmith: What is an Idea for You?

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People say that having ideas is the secret of success, that the brightest people have ideas constantly, that we must keep this flame burning...

After all, what's an idea anyway? We can compare idea with the chaos. It is something confusing and strange, that often ends up dying the way it is born, without even knowing what exactly it was that and what could be. The idea is something we do not quite understand, something that needs to be worked on.

When the idea arrives in our mind, it is the stone before turning a sculpture, it is like a child who needs to be educated. And if we do not do anything with it, it remains the chaos, something confusing and strange that is going nowhere and has no future.


What is not an idea?

This answer is simple and may surprise you: an idea is not something of value. In addition to the chaotic state of an idea, many people who are having business ideas or problem solutions are absolutely terrified and desperate to protect the idea and do everything to hide this idea from all people, afraid that this idea will be stolen or copied and your big dream goes by water down. Believe me, an idea is not worth a dollar. What's worth in an idea is execution!

If you're out there thinking you're going to be a millionaire with your idea, that she's absolutely brilliant, you're making a mistake. At that moment, when your idea is nothing but chaos, it is worthless. Nobody buys an idea. People buy solutions, things practical and ready to use.

So if you're scared to steal your idea, if you think you're going to lose money if you tell your idea to others, just relax.

Your idea has no value. Not yet…

Did you steal an idea?

Believe me, your great idea that will make you a millionaire can be a "steal". (Remember what I said at the beginning of this topic). Make sure you are really improving this idea, be authentic and help the market and the people with your solution as long as you really do something with that idea. Maybe the idea that you stole is complementary and, together, you become an absurd success. Authenticity is the key word here, never forget that.

How can you tell if your idea is worth something?

You need to test the idea by putting it on the market and finding out the opinions of potential customers. Take a concept test. Let's say you have an idea to create an English language school for the elderly people: open a Youtube channel and a Facebook page. Create free training material, see what people think, do research with these people, sell small online training to them. Ask your friends what they think, if they would pay and how much they would pay. Ask the same questions for your "customers" in your YouTube videos and on your Facebook.

This will give you a bigger view and you can improve your idea while it is being validated in the market. No one wants to have an idea that nobody likes, create a product that no one wants or a service that nobody needs.


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