The TRUTH HURTS. Almost No One Wants to Hear it.

in life •  6 months ago


Here's where I am in my life no, I used to drink too much, smoke too much and was over eating. People who cared would bring up my bad habits and I would lash back at them, because I did NOT want to hear it. I KNEW at the time they were right but I was afraid so I did not change my ways. Looking back I believe I would have had a much more meaningful life if I had been willing to confront my fears and listen to those who were trying to help me.


Last year I finally woke up to the fact that almost everything I have been told in my life is a lie. The U.S. government is a corporation, the court system mostly runs under maritime law, schools indoctrinate us into false beliefs, the news on TV is ALL propaganda, almost if not every "terrorist attack and school shooting" is a hoax (no one dies no one gets hurt, NASA is a LIE and no one is in space if space even exists, doctors and the whole sick care industry only wants our money and cares nothing about our health, the gas chambers in the holohoax are a myth again for money, and the EARTH IS FLAT.


I learned all that in the last 16 months. It was jarring to my whole world view and most of these beliefs took me a long time to accept. But the evidence is there, just like it was for my drinking, smoking and overeating, its just really painful to accept.

Now that I have accepted these new truths, my life is much richer, I see the world as it is and am willing to listen to new ideas that before I would have laughed at and not even investigated. Condemnation before investigation is the highest form of ignorance. When someone close to you tells you something that "triggers" you, they just miight be close to the truth, and you just might want to reconsider what they are saying. PEACE

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Sandy Hook was fake as fuck too...

Watch Boston Unbombing, FBI sold OUT.

LOl, my phone never rings now.

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