The Earth IS FLAT.

in science •  6 months ago


When you can see mountains that you shouldn't be able to see...The Ball has a Problem!

Watch this video below!

Folks, Wake the FUCK UP! You were Brainwashed to believe you live on a ball. Movies, School, News, NASA, they all reinforced your BELIEF. Have you NEVER BEEN WRONG BEFORE? Did you know that all of NASA's photos are COMPOSITES (except for supposedly one? YUP..

Its not just mountains, its lighthouses too, there are many sailors who KNOW the earth cannot possibly be flat!!


More evidence on the way.... So much MORE!

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Here is also a point of view.


Discovery channel is full on psyop run by the big powers, people went back and debunked their lies recently.
Do you believe the news? If you do google operation mockingbird , The CIA paid news stations to tell the public LIES, its ALL propaganda on TV, ALL of it! Peace

My question is, how is the moon and other planet ?😂
Flat like plate or like ball?


I do not know for sure, but there are many people who have seen stars behind the moon when the moon is not full on the part that is not lit. Many people have seen this and posted on youtube. Maybe it is a projection?

Interesting and controversial theme in a trend that little by little wins worldwide, I follow you to keep me informed, and I support you, greetings.


@guanipa75 Hi to you too ! When you think how CRAZY the idea seems, it should NOT being growing at the rate it is or even close .I followed you back, I hope you investigate if you have not already, if it was just a little evidence for flat earth it would not be that convincing, but there is SOOOO much evidence it really is scary. We were lied too, they are hiding GOD.


A certain brother, you have made the flame of the scientific war and I see that there are many very curious tests and arguments, greetings and be aware of your new work.

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