Quiet progress

in steemdev •  5 months ago


So, after finishing my yearly proficiency-check for my pilots license, updating serious amounts of server-code, and fixing some issues with Nozzle, I went on to work on the Steemify app. Together with @kapitein.koek I had a few coding-sessions to get the Android prototype going and then went on to creating the much needed updated for the iOS app.

Meanwhile, about 85% of all code has either been replaced or refactored to make the app more stable and allow for future upgrades to be implemented more easily. This should make new feature updates be released on a more regular schedule in the coming months.

If I'm able to squat some more bugs in the coming days, we'll be able to go into Beta by the end of the next week!

Me and my fellow blockbrothers are a witness as @blockbrothers. If you want to support us we would appreciate your vote here. Or you could choose to set us as your proxy.

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