Steemify v1.5 nearing release status

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Past months I have been working on and off on Steemify. A lot of work has gone into upgrading the server code. Not only to support many new features, but also to improve performance.

Ofcourse, also the iOS app had to be updated to include support for this. Because both server and client have gotten major updates, a lot of time goes into keeping everything in-sync and compatible. Another thing to take into account, ofcource, is the upcoming Android version of Steemify.


Over 30 Steemians are currently beta-testing v1.5 and for me this is always a bit scary. No matter how much time spent on trying to prevent bugs, it's inevitable some pop up when people actually start using it on all different kind of devices and connections. Yesterday I've taken care of a few major ones, while also sneaking in another enhancement (something that really annoyed me sometimes in v1). We'll provide an extensive changelog when the new version is released to the public.

If you're interested in joining the Beta, feel free to drop an e-mail at

Preparing to go live!

Now, I'm focussing on getting the production servers installed and preparing to migrate the database to a new server, which is no small task in itself. Ofcourse also Apple has to approve the new release for the AppStore.

Keep an eye on the @blockbrothers account to know when the new version will be available in the AppStore!


We, the @blockbrothers, are funding all this out of our own pockets. If you appreciate what we do, please consider to support us as witness. Our witness earnings go directly to funding development for the Steem ecosystem.

Me and my fellow blockbrothers are a witness as @blockbrothers. If you want to support us we would appreciate your vote here. Or you could choose to set us as your proxy.

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Do not worry about errors that is normal, focus on completing the beta phase so that everything goes well! I wish you luck with that