Dev update - Sneak preview Steemify Android.

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Sneak preview!

Watch our ’Sneak preview’ video of Steemify for Android.

As you can see, we already got the notifications working!!

Soon you will receive more information about this new version of Steemify for Android.

P.S. We are also approaching the update release of Steemify for iOS.

Exciting times ahead!


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Looking forward to trying the driod version once it's fully operational. Keep up the good work.

Beautiful post

Is there a way on the iOS version to open links in an external browser? Or to be able to log in to interact directly with Steemit?


the option for external browser will be in the next update. In the meanwhile, you can just login in the internal browser to interact on using the notifications.



very useful information. thank you for sharing.

Ooo, I like a good tease!!!

im new here and im also waiting for this, thanks ahead